Why Post Jobs on UtahTechJobs.com?

To a hiring manager or recruiter, there are three key reasons you should post your Utah-based technical job at UtahTechJobs.com:

  1. Cost (free)
  2. Speed (fast!)
  3. Visibility and Results!

First, posting to UtahTechJobs.com is FREE.
Post anytime through our online web form, and free for new premium accounts which can post by email or via RSS feed.

Second, posting to UtahTechJobs.com is FAST.
In 8-10 seconds, you can fill out our web form, or for premium account holders, your job can be emailed into our site, or we can setup an RSS feed (certain career sites may or may not work) to automatically pull in your jobs.

Finally, posting to UtahTechJobs.com gets your job VISIBILITY and RESULTS:
Below, see the statistics for our site for the year 2010. Every job on our homepage averages 50 visitors PER DAY from targeted technical people living in (or wanting to live in) Utah. Some postings go viral and receive 100 to 150+ visitors per day.

UtahTechJobs Statistics Jan 2010 to Jan 2011

Our demographic is 25-45yrs old, predominantly male, college educated, with a technical background. Likely, if you are hiring mid-senior or senior technical people, they are looking at our website already!

Simple sharing tools right on our website help visitors remember or share your job though email, facebook, twitter, and other social tools.

Google Juice: UtahTechJobs.com is one of the most widely read career-related blogs in Utah. It is trusted as a good source of technical career information.  Because of that, it holds a Google “PageRank” of 3 for the main page, with certain pages in the site receiving a PageRank of 5. This is ‘s way of saying they trust the results from our website, and, when people search for certain key phrases, UtahTechJobs.com comes up top or close to the top of the results.  This means your job posting for a “Java Programmer in Salt Lake City” will be immediately indexed by Google and show up in search results right away.

RESULTS: Our new QUICK APPLY feature allows candidates who are interested in a job to literally apply directly to you in 5-10 seconds!  This ensures you don’t lose people somewhere between interest in your job and the many screens of your Applicant Tracking System (ATS).  Of course, you can embed links in your posting direct to your own ATS , if you want.

**NEW: Your applicants can apply in seconds using their LinkedIn profile!

Try a posting today (FREE) or use the contact form below to register for a FREE* Premium Posting Account.  Other questions? Contact me!

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*NOTE: Premium accounts are currently FREE, and I expect them to always be free for those users who register during this period. I may choose to charge for premium posting services (post by email, post by RSS) in the future.

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