Limited Offer: Posting by Email

When I got into recruiting several years back, I was frustrated at the pay-for-posting services out there and never felt that I had the right web coverage for my jobs.

Today, I have this website/blog that has been at the top of Google for several years for many keywords like “technical utah jobs” and “utah technical jobs” and other critical keywords.   If you are hiring for technical people right now, you know these people are HARD to find in Utah.  I have been capitalizing on this website’s ability to find passive candidates just browsing the web on a Saturday afternoon.

For a long time, I have been posting my own jobs here, and letting a few others post jobs, too.  Today, I would like to extend a limited offer to recruiters that would like to try posting their technical jobs to this site:

  • Post online through a web-form (located here)
  • Post by email address right from your desk
  • Easily share jobs to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ right from the job
  • Easily post to Craigslist with cust0m-formatted HTML that drives traffic right to your job.
  • Candidates can apply directly by email or right into your own ATS (web form posting only)

See more about WHY you should post jobs on Utah Tech (free) and register for your FREE job posting account at the bottom of the page.

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