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P.S. *ALL* Interview Questions Can Trick You (If You’re Not Honest)

28 February 2012

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Forbes’ Jenna Goudreau wrote a piece featured on Yahoo this morning titled: “Watch Out! 10 Interview Questions Designed to Trick You“.  Well, I have news for you: All interview questions are capable of tricking you. (Though not in the dastardly way that you might think from this article.) The article quotes heavily from Joyce Lain Kennedy, […]

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Still Sending Out Resumes? You’re Doing it Wrong

25 January 2012


Yesterday on Marketplace, Kai Ryssdal interviewed Jai Damian, a hard-working American working part-time though she wants a full-time job.  The article was about her predictions on the State of the Union Address from President Obama that aired later in the evening (Damian shared her comments after hearing the SOTU address in this follow-up piece). The […]

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Seeking Advice on Salary Negotiations

15 April 2010


A colleague of mine is doing a presentation on Salary, or Offer Negotiations and I thought it might be interesting to experiment with a little crowd-sourcing. Please comment or blog about this topic and link back here so I can see your thoughts on the matter.  The commenting tool below should allow you to easily […]

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12 Ways to Make a Bad First Impression

14 April 2010


Liz Seasholtz at gives 12 really smart ways to fail your first impression in a job interview, and how you could avoid them or turn them around (if possible) In the book You Are the Message, media executive Roger Ailes wrote that you only have seven seconds to make a first impression. With a […]

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Nine Ways to Ruin A Job Interview

23 February 2010


Ask A Manager posts nine ways you can easily ruin a job interview.  I should just tweet a random number every once in a while and link to this post whenever someone uses one of these on me.  …but, then again it may be happening so frequently, I’d be going all Robert Scoble on everyone. […]

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Enjoy the Interview!

25 November 2009


Keith Ferrazzi jotted down four things you can do to enjoy your job interviews. (pssst: If you’re not having fun, nobody else is!) Make them like you. Find a reason to care about the person. Show them your passion. Tell stories Head on over to the Ferrazzi-plex for the scoop on actually how to do […]

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Standing Out From the Crowd

15 October 2008


If you’re vying for a position at a company, there is a fine line you must walk between looking like everyone else and being so different you don’t fit in at all. Here’s a few simple ideas I can suggest for getting around the gatekeepers, receiving straight feedback, and (if you’re right for it) the […]

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How (not) to Lose

25 August 2008


Job Searching is emotional. And, sometimes, things simply don’t turn out as you planned it. But, like most things in life, its not what happens to you, but how you react to what happens that matters. And, yes, there is a right way and a wrong way to handle job-search defeat. … and there’s also […]

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Appreciating Your Interviewee

11 August 2008


Bottom-Line Up Front: Most managers don’t prepare well for their interviewees… That’s why most managers suck at it make mediocre hiring decisions. You’re a busy professional. You have a lot on your plate, your team is working overtime, and that ugly deadline is fast-approaching. Finally, the recruiter calls you with an interviewee. They send over […]

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4 Telephone Interview Tips

21 July 2008


A friend called on Saturday, frantic, because they have a telephone interview Monday morning. They had never had a telephone interview before, and her nerves were getting to her. The key is to control what you can control, knowing that you are as ready as possible. Here are some other tips to help you out: […]

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