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Layoffs and Restructure at Google

20 January 2009


Google announced on their blog recently that they’ve not only reduced the number of contractors they’re employing but they’re now reducing the number of recruiters on staff by about 100: Our first step to address this was to wind down almost all our contracts with external contractors and vendors providing recruiting services for Google. However, […]

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4 Factors Creating Utah Workforce Funk

7 July 2008


There’s no question something interesting is happening with Utah’s professional/technical workforce right now, and I think there are no less than four competing factors at play any business-owner should be paying very close attention to: Real and Wage Inflation Intense Competition for Talent Corporate cost-cutting High Energy/Commute Costs The hardest part to pin-down is that […]

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Tiffany Fallon Was Fired Because She’s Millenial

4 January 2008


The Donald made a big mistake last night firing Tiffany Fallon and not Omarosa (links to video), but I don’t blame him. Everybody’s doing it. [NOTE: I really have no idea if Tiffany Fallon, the first Celebrity Apprentice contestant to be fired (last night) by The Donald officially fits in the age category of “Millenials” […]

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Laid Off and Blogging About It

2 January 2008


I’ve spoken about Robert Florida’s awesome book, “Rise of the Creative Class” before. In essence, the take-away for me is that companies do a great job of making widgets that are cheap and efficient, but companies do a horrible job of taking care of people. One thing sure to accelerate the flight of talented people […]

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Utah Unemployment Death-Grip Loosening?

11 October 2007


Wow, what an amazing year this has been. The very tight unemployment rate seems to finally be seeing a little light with some well-known Utah companies laying off employees, other movement of employees from company to company still strong, and the relative salaries being paid seeming to stabilize instead of the spiraling out-of-control, even excessive […]

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How to Use LinkedIN

14 September 2007

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Jason Alba, who created the Jibber Jobber Career Toolset, recently wrote a book, “I’m on LinkedIN –Now What??“. Well, I just bought my copy and noticed you can get yours on Amazon… if you want. Review pending… as soon as I consume and digest all of Jason’s delectable networking knowledge.

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Bozofication Alive and Well: Utah Companies Will Pay for Stupidity

27 June 2007


UPDATE: Please leave comments about BOZO things you have experienced at your or other companies! Anonymous submissions OK I hate to say it, but I am seeing some of the most foolish and downright stupid things coming from Utah companies these days. These things may not be approaching the Yee-Haw ‘Bozofication’ problems that Guy Kawasaki […]

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Did You Hire a ‘Dingbat’?

1 November 2006


I got the following passed along to me from Jeffrey Gitomer’s Sales Caffeine e-zine.  Sadly, he doesn’t have a blog, so I can’t link directly to the article. Here is a link to the original article. When managers tell me they have "dingbats" working in their office, I am surprised because they are the ones […]

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