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Still Sending Out Resumes? You’re Doing it Wrong

25 January 2012


Yesterday on Marketplace, Kai Ryssdal interviewed Jai Damian, a hard-working American working part-time though she wants a full-time job.  The article was about her predictions on the State of the Union Address from President Obama that aired later in the evening (Damian shared her comments after hearing the SOTU address in this follow-up piece). The […]

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Breaking News: Employees Want Respect

23 March 2009

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In other news, sky is blue and water is wet. I will never forget the day I came around this corner in Boston near the Bell Atlantic building (Now Verizon) on my way to work and found hundreds of 411-information workers picketing. This was late summer 1998. The economy was booming beyond its bounds. The […]

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