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Recruiters and the Deck of Cards Problem

17 January 2007

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Jason writes and interesting post over at JibberJobber titled “What I Wish Recruiters Knew” that brings up several great points, and stings of my Why Geeks Hate Recruiters post. I want to share a few things that all recruiters I’ve met–at least contingency recruiters–have to live with–and the ones that want to be “good” have […]

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The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

9 November 2006

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(Alternate title for this post: “If you shout your job-ad in the forest, will anyone hear you?“) A great Utah County company, Mozy, recently held a competition to find and reward top local programming talent with a $10K prize.  Their intention was to use this as an avenue to locate potential employees.  It’s a great […]

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Networking 2.0 — Open Letter to LinkedIn (and their competitors)

21 December 2005


The simple truth is that I am a raving fan of LinkedIn–I love it. However… About 2/3 of the time when I invite someone to connect with me on LinkedIn, they say something like, “Sure. But does anybody really use it?” Someone else said, “Isn’t that just like a geek dating service for jobs?” Ooh. […]

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Come on. Move me!

15 May 2005


I’ve just got to say this.  If you’re sending your resume around, please do just one thing, even if it’s just for me: Write an objective that means… something. The generic objectives I see daily are useless, bland, and (in my opinion) put you right back against the wall with the other job-searching flowers.  They […]

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