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Early Morning SocNet Adds

10 April 2008

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Some social-network administration I’ve been doing includes: I just joined Friendfeed and Lijit. Twitter says Jeff Barr will be in town today, but his Dopplr doesn’t say where. Note that Jeff Barr got me hooked on twitter in December 2006 (woah). I’ve gone through all my little accounts and updated my icons to be the […]

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LinkedIN Mobile Version now Available

20 March 2008

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I’ve got to say I like what LinkedIn has done lately… cool new features, a facelift and now, access to their systems via mobile phones: [Announcing] LinkedIn mobile for any Web enabled wireless phones that use the wireless application protocol (WAP). What that allows you to do is access LinkedIn from any mobile device ranging […]

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Introducing Couch Cast, a weekly talk radio show

17 March 2008


To kick off the new, a weekly talk-radio show to discuss what’s happening out there, co-hosts Thom Allen, Matt Reinbold and I interviewed Jesse Stay, co-author of I’m On Facebook, Now What, and a co-founder of, a social network application consulting firm: Couch Cast Interviews Jesse Stay of SocialOptimize The Couch Cast Crew […]

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Bestest Blog Post Evaaaar?

4 March 2008


I think I just wrote the best blog post of my life… and it wasn’t even on MY BLOG.  It was on Jason’s… down in the comments. It’s how to get yourself noticed by a hiring manager when you have too many skills, or you’re overqualified, or you  are a round-peg in a square-hole.

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About My Company

4 February 2008


Note: I wrote this post while I worked for SOS Technical. I don’t work there anymore. I run my own recruiting agency now called M|REC (Merrill Recruiting). I still recruit, but now I do it even more awesomely than before. I can help your company suck less at recruiting, too. This post is here for […]

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Collective Status

14 January 2008


I’m LQTM about the following I noticed in my facebook account just now: Yeah, I know. It’s probably not funny to you. Its just a bit interesting how, when you aggregate enough people together, you can accurately tell whole populations what you ARE doing by simply comparing yourself to what someone else is NOT doing.

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…But You Say He’s Just a Friend…

3 January 2008

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Via my Twitter network today: Is your social network about the number of “friends” you have? Or is it about who you trust, and who trusts you?

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