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MTV Hiring a TJ: Tweet Jockey

14 June 2010


MTV (which, according to some sources used to play actual music videos) is asking the twitterverse and its audience to help them find the first ever TJ – Tweet Jockey, a social-media maven they will pay $100k to twitterfy the universe with MTV-rich goodness 24/7/365 Turn your tweets into a $100k job at MTV! MTV […]

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Don’t Be A Know-It-All

9 June 2008

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A provocative post about Helicopter Parenting on Modite this morning reminded me of some advice I frequently give to job-seekers, but I don’t know that I’ve ever really mentioned it clearly here. Don’t lie. Admit when you don’t know something… but immediately prove to me that you can assemble the resources to get it figured […]

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The Next-Greatest Generation?

30 January 2008


SPOILER: I am going to talk about religion (namely mormonism) and business and millenial generation differences all in the same blog post. If this offends you, may I suggest lolcats instead of the following. No, these aren’t a group of Mormon Missionaries. They’re high school “kids”. And they’re also not dressing up for career-day, or […]

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I’m So Millenial

21 January 2008


According to Penelope Trunk’s “What Generation are you a part of?” quiz, I am double the millenial than the Gen X-er I always thought I was by scoring 22 on my test. Does this mean I can no longer have deep-seated fits of grunge-style rage?

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Developing Students for a Competitive Workplace, Request for Comment!

18 January 2008


Tomorrow, I am speaking to a group of thirty high school marketing teachers as part of the Utah Association for Career and Technical Education‘s mid-winter conference. (This invitation to present is thanks to a referral from Jason Alba who said I am “one of his favorite recruiters” which, for most people, is a very, very […]

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Tiffany Fallon Was Fired Because She’s Millenial

4 January 2008


The Donald made a big mistake last night firing Tiffany Fallon and not Omarosa (links to video), but I don’t blame him. Everybody’s doing it. [NOTE: I really have no idea if Tiffany Fallon, the first Celebrity Apprentice contestant to be fired (last night) by The Donald officially fits in the age category of “Millenials” […]

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