“Hire Smart or Manage Tough”

Since 2001, I have helped companies find and acquire the talented people they need. I am passionate about the recruiting and hiring process. I think some hiring managers try to hard, and most job-seekers need to try a lot harder. In 2005, I read a gutsy (foolish, but gutsy) comment on a resume I just had to share. This blog was born shortly thereafter. I hope this is a forum where good advice (and pathetic what-not-to-do’s) may be found to help you in your career, technical or otherwise.

Outside of recruiting, I am a recovering geek and social media addict. I was on facebook when linkedin was cool. I was on twitter when facebook was cool. Pretty much, that means if something is cool, I am not doing it. I’d like to think it means I am already doing whatever is “next”, but maybe that’s a stretch.

I also enjoy spending time with my amazing family, playing sports, listening to geek podcasts, and singing John Cougar Mellencamp songs at the top of my lungs to help my daughters realize how awesomely outdated I really am.

Read my blog at ConnectedWell or follow me on Twitter — @robertmerrill — (if you care to discover what I just ate for lunch).

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Robert Merrill

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Novell, Inc


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