Posted on 9 January 2013

What Font to Use on Your Resume?

It’s a new year. Time to dust off the resume and take a fresh look at it?? Of course, it’s easy to get really off-track from actually doing the physical, human, active networking connection work that gets you a new gig, but ensuring that your resume is consistent with the rest of your personal employment brand is a good idea.

I recently came across an interesting blog post on the subject of resume fonts that has some helpful advice of fonts to use, and fonts to avoid. Interestingly, while I have leaned toward Times New Roman for my font choice in recent years, I am thinking a little makeover in the font department could be valuable.

"Tell me about your resume font selection..."

“Tell me about your resume font selection…”

For me, remember, the best resumes (imho) are simple, direct and draw a distinct mental “line” from what you have been doing to what you want to be doing next.

Summary: Here’s some font-selection ideas from Debra Wheatman over at Careers Done Write.

If you are unsure about fonts, here is a quick guide:

Contemporary Choices

  • Calibri
  • Cambria
  • Helvetica

Standards, But Still Appropriate

  • Arial
  • Book Antiqua
  • Tahoma

Fonts to Avoid!

  • Courier or Courier New
  • Any scripted font (such as Edwardian Script)
  • Any handwritten-style fonts (such as Comic Sans or Bradley Hand)
  • Any playful fonts (such as Jokerman, Gigi, or Chiller)
  • Any heavy or oversized fonts (Elephant or Franklin Gothic Heavy)

So… what font is your resume written in? Discuss!

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