Posted on 26 January 2012

PHP Developer - Orem, UT

Written by JobPost Company: Wake Up Now, Inc Location: Orem, UT

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Company: Wake Up Now, Inc

Location: Orem, UT

Job Description
Wake Up Now, Inc. is looking for a PHP Developer. We are interested in a leader who can work hard and come be a part of our great team. If you are interested in working with, a 2 year old, explosive growth, international direct sales company then we’d love to meet with you, please send us your resume.

You should be able to work with: PHP, CSS, Javascript, HTML, mysql, Apache, Linux. Also applicants should be able to demonstrate something that you have built that is great.

We’d like to see:
1. Something you’ve built and are proud of
2. Something you’ve built but are not so proud of, and how you need to improve it
3. Something that distinguishes you from the other applicants.

Please get in touch with us if you’re interested in working with us by emailing your resume to

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