Posted on 13 August 2012

New Feature: Apply For Jobs with Your LinkedIn Profile

Some time ago, LinkedIn created a tool to let job applicants apply with their LinkedIn Profile. I am pleased to make this available as an option to companies looking to post jobs with Utah Tech Jobs. This expands my simple goal to connect great talent with great companies and to reduce the “friction” in job application processes (See a recruiter’s tip: “Stop Working So Hard!“).

Why post technical jobs with

  • A diverse, trusted community — I have been building this site’s reputation since 2005. As a former geek myself, I realized early in my recruiting career that Utah’s technical talent are discerning and suspicious of frivolous job-postings.  In other words, Geeks hate recruiters.  I allow geeks to note the savvy, in-the-know companies immediately by browsing for jobs in one place —
  • Free postings for real companies — Look, finding great people are what this is about, not the job-posting. Job boards that charge money limit the companies that can post to just the ones that have the cash to fork out for it… which isn’t my personal favorite way to spend recruiting budget. I post jobs from companies I trust. No spam. No work-from-home scams. Just legit tech jobs from legit companies*.
  • Easy Sharing (for you and others) — Posters can easily share their jobs on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other places right from this site. Want to post to Craigslist? That’s easy too.
  • Easy Applications — Drop in your ATS application URL? Apps will go there. You can also use email and LinkedIn to get applicants quick and fast, securely, and right to your email box.

More about LinkedIn job applications:

* Look, I don’t do BBB scans or cross-reference the SEC website before posting jobs. If a company is a bad-apple with a good reputation, there’s no way for me to know that any more than you can…. so don’t blame me if something goes wrong. Just keep your shields up until you’ve got proof that you can let them down. I’m not here to keep you from making decisions.

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