Posted on 22 June 2012

LinkedIn: Indicator of Internal Company Mood #recruitertips

Every recruiter out there knows this, but companies have a hard time hearing news that makes them look different than they want to look.

LinkedIn not only often has a more-accurate org-chart of a company than internal HR does (and, more importantly, the LinkedIn model shows real connections, not hypothetical organizational lines and dotted-lines) but LinkedIn often shows a company’s internal mood better than any press-release promising change, earnings statement, news report of miraculous new focus or analyst briefing.

The inside of a Best Buy store is seen in New York, March 26, 2012. REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton

Far better.

Best Buy, as an example, the beleaguered company facing an organizational crisis and while their stock is plunging, they’re citing turnaround magic being conjured in the back rooms, better training of sales reps and more, the employees of the company (the smarter ones) are not taking chances and banking on Big Blue to take care of them when the walls come tumbling down… and they will for at least 50 stores.

They’re doing what every self-respecting middle-layer employee does at a company facing layoff concerns (or rumors), they’re flooding to LinkedIn, updating their profiles, adding new skills and features, and brushing up on their networks…


Because it’s the network. It’s the best-place out there on the web to hang out a little shingle in case a recruiter comes calling… and they are.

More than a few are planning exit strategies. The report notes that recruiters are noticing more Best Buy employees seeking jobs, and more than 1,800 Best Buy workers have joined LinkedIn in the last three months — more than the number of new LinkedIn members from several other big employers combined. (~ Mark Reilly, Minneapolis Business Journal)

So, want to reach out and find companies where employee morale is low-enough someone great might just be ready to jump ship? Follow a few of your competitors and watch how many people are joining or updating their linkedin profiles… it’s a good indication when something is a little amis behind the shiny glass doors.

P.S. and when you’re directs start updating their LinkedIn profiles in droves? Yeah, it’s time to have a talk.  It turns out that canceling Casual Fridays may not have been the “focus-producing organizational change agent” you thought it was, Einstein.

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