Posted on 4 January 2012

Administer Your (LinkedIn) Network

Keeping your LinkedIn Network healthy and vibrant is important. Sure, you know that…. but how to keep it up to date (afterall, you have other things in your life to do beside networking all day long!)

Well, the easiest way I know how to keep my network working is to use three simple, common touch-points to regularly “groom” my network and administer things there:

  1. Case of the Mondays: Each Monday, set aside 30 min to browse your network and touch-in. This is simple because, if you subscribe to it, LinkedIn sends you a weekly email stating what has changed in your network. When people change jobs or update their profiles, shoot them a note (LinkedIn makes this easy) and say “congrats”!
  2. Handshakes and Hellos: Each business connection you make card you get should get connected right away.
  3. Goodbyes and Farewells: Whenever someone leaves your company, be sure to connect to them immediately (before their email address changes). Oh, and wish them well on their journey, too.  If you really appreciated the person, take 30 seconds and write them a recommendation (here’s how to make it a good one). Who knows they might even write you one back (hint: that’s a good thing).

When do you find time to administer your network?

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