Posted on 7 December 2011

Making a First Unimpression

He probably tells people at holiday parties that he’s a great networker, but I don’t think I agree.

A few days ago, I got a networking request from someone that (on the surface) seemed skilled and talented at this game, but his note rubbed me wrong for two reasons:

First, in his note, the person said two contradictory things. In essence:

  • “I’d like to develop a relationship with great technical recruiters and I’ve been told you are one.” (complimentary and seemingly genuine).
  • But then followed it up with something like: “But… if you only recruit for [he named my employer], please connect me with other recruiters at other companies.”

How that reads to me is:

I’ll tell you anything you want to hear as long as it gets me what I want
Your employer stinks (and, by extension, you). Therefore, nothing you could give me is worth my time other than access to your rolodex, so hand it over.

I admit I had a slight visceral reaction, but maybe I was misreading it?

I shrugged, gave him the benefit of the doubt and replied for him to let me know what kind of companies he would like to be connected to (since my employer is chopped liver)… Which gives me the second reason I’m glad I didn’t invest much in this relationship:

He hasn’t replied after I asked him for more information.

At all.

Apparently, I’m really not worth the time.

Look, I don’t mind being a network node (its my career afterall to be a superconnector). Yet, I do mind the neck and jaw pain I get when people ask me to hold my mouth open so they can take a long look at this Gift Horse’s chops.

Life lesson here, folks?

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