Posted on 4 March 2011

Build Engineer Provo, Utah 84606

Build Engineer
Company: Novell
Location: Provo, Utah (Novell Offices) 84606
The build engineer will assist with building various software products and components for the Collaboration Business Unit.  They will belong to the Build Team, but will have important lateral relationships among engineering teams.   They will be working to maintain existing build systems and collaborating to improve the efficiency and quality of builds.  Although some unique characteristics may exist for individual projects, there is an emphasis on standardizing build tools and methodologies to leverage the strength of unified processes. Maintenance builds will also part of the responsibility, delivering fixes to customers via various online download mechanisms. 
The candidate might be asked to participate on various core teams.  Some collaboration with teams in other business units may also be involved.In close cooperation with all groups , the candidate will ensure that software builds are created reliably and that the infrastructure and procedures for doing this stays well documented, reproducible, intact and as redundant as possible. The candidate will need excellent technical communication skills to interact with various stakeholders.  Although the build engineer is not materially responsible for the exact content of the product or component source code, you will be expected to participate in the overall organization of the software, such as source code directory structure, helping to review source code changes, assisting with merges, and alignment with policies and processes.The candidate should to be well versed in and highly competent with various version control tools and methodologies.  Also help to properly manage branches and may be called upon to perform various administrative tasks in the version control tools.
* Extensive practical experience with software configuration management and builds
* Excellent oral and written communication skills
* Ability to perform and communicate well in difficult situations
* High level of stress tolerance, with ability to handle multiple high priorities simultaneously
* Extensive practical experience with the Linux Operating System
* Functional knowledge of Microsoft Windows highly desirable
* Extensive end-user experience with Software Configuration Management tools (svn, cvs, CM/Synergy, git, etc.) is required.Some administrative experience with these tools is highly desired.
* Some useful experience with programming languages (C, perl, java, others) and should enjoy getting introduced to other programming languages.
*Familiarity with maven, ant and XML build systems is desirable.
*Familiarity with defect tracking systems such as bugzilla is desirable.
* Familiarity with continuous integration build tools (such as Hudson/Jenkins or CruiseControl) is desireable
The candidate should be able to share examples of how she/he has delivered accurate estimates of work, provided on-time delivery of tasks, and demonstrated a commitment to quality.  The candidate should also be prepared to answer technical questions that will help the employer measure the candidate’s technical qualifications.

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