Posted on 14 June 2010

MTV Hiring a TJ: Tweet Jockey

image MTV (which, according to some sources used to play actual music videos) is asking the twitterverse and its audience to help them find the first ever TJ – Tweet Jockey, a social-media maven they will pay $100k to twitterfy the universe with MTV-rich goodness 24/7/365

Turn your tweets into a $100k job at MTV!

MTV and ZYNC from American Express(SM) have partnered to find the social voice of MTV. Nominate yourself or your favorite social media superstar and help them win the ultimate dream job: The first MTV TJ. The winner gets access to red carpet events, hot celebrities and earns a $100,000 salary. Follow @AmericanExpress for program updates. Read More

AP reporter Sandy Cohen adds:

MTV officials say the search is on for a new social media maven who will engage with the MTV audience and serve as a liaison between viewers and network honchos.

MTV General Manager Stephen Friedman called the TJ position "a natural evolution of how we connect with our audience."

The network has identified 18 potential candidates and is asking its audience to find two more. The 20 hopefuls will compete in a series of online challenges this summer designed to reveal their personalities and demonstrate how they connect with Twitter followers.

Five finalists will ultimately compete on a live show on Aug. 8, when fans will pick who gets the new job.

It sounds just crazy enough to get MTV some attention.  Although this isn’t the first time a media company has tossed out some big bones to someone in exchange for doing what they already love. CMT hired a blogger, Chris Nelson, amid crazy press in 2005 to watch reruns of the Dukes of Hazzard and… blog about it. His salary? A cool $100k for one year (no vacation allowed).

How did I find out about this? Well, twitter, of course:

RT @steph_woods: MTV is going to pay someone 6 figures to be a TJ; a Tweet Jockey. Sounds like a sweet job! than a minute ago via TweetDeck

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