Posted on 29 June 2010

LinkedIn Inbox Gets Facelift, Power

It seems like June is "we-just-updated-our-user-interface" month and follows suit with some nice enhancements.

The LinkedIn Inbox is cleaner and easier to manage. They’ve added interactive tabs to keep things simple from the home-page which I like, and some powerful features to help tame the flood of inbound requests (since you are so popular after all).  On the company blog, Yassine Hinnach lists out a few objectives to the inbox upgrade:

Here are your oft requested features that will be incorporated into your LinkedIn Inbox moving forward. Thanks for your feedback and comments.

1. New look and feel: Inbox and module on home page are now redesigned to be simpler and more intuitive. We’ve separated invitations and messages into two separate tabs making it easier for you to view and respond to your pending invitations.

2. Bulk actions: You can now archive a number of similar messages at once, making your Inbox even easier to maintain and control. You can also bulk accept or ignore invitations making connecting with others a snap.

3. Delete: The top request from our users was the ability to delete messages. Done and done.

This is just one more step in improving your LinkedIn Inbox experience. We hope you enjoy your new Inbox

And here’s a nice tips video highlighting what’s new:

Thoughts? Do you use the LinkedIn Inbox much?

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