Posted on 14 April 2010

12 Ways to Make a Bad First Impression

Liz Seasholtz at gives 12 really smart ways to fail your first impression in a job interview, and how you could avoid them or turn them around (if possible)

In the book You Are the Message, media executive Roger Ailes wrote that you only have seven seconds to make a first impression. With a job on the line in an interview, the pressure to immediately impress is even more intense. No wonder we get flustered.

Here’s the 12 ways to under-whelm that she mentions.  What are yours?
(click through for her good advice for each)

  1. Show up sick.
  2. You have a black eye (or other injury)
  3. You have a nose-ring (unless it’s the right culture for that)
  4. You’re sweating.
  5. You’re underdressed.
  6. You’re late.
  7. You’re early.
  8. You misuse your lobby-time.
  9. Your handshake isn’t up to par.
  10. You’re bad at small-talk.
  11. You haven’t done your research.
  12. You have a personal tick.

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