Posted on 2 September 2009

Salt Lake City, Utah Ranks 5th Best US Market for Job Seekers

Data released today by job aggregation service SimplyHired shows that Salt Lake City ranks fifth of the top five markets for job seekers when comparing the number of job-seekers for each unique job.

The rankings were “determined by the ratio of job seekers to unique open positions (duplicates removed) in metro areas around the country.”  Utah’s capital, Salt Lake City (Jobsearch), and presumably surrounding metro areas such as Ogden and Provo/Orem fared well in the overall list, opposed to nearby Las Vegas, which has 26 candidates for every unique job opening.

SimplyHired revealed their findings only on the top and bottom 15 markets. Regional areas such as Denver, Colorado Springs, Albequerque, Phoenix, Boise, Reno and others were not included in either of these lists.

Salt Lake City, Utah Ranks 5th overall in best cities to find a job, according to data released today by

Salt Lake City, Utah Ranks 5th overall in best cities to find a job, according to data released today by

These are interesting statistics, for sure. There are a few caveats I see that you should consider as well:

  • These data do not seem to specify if the candidats for each job are qualified for it or not.  This can either mean the actual number of candidates for a given position is actually less, or it may mean that companies are hiring for positions that our population does not support (which requires relocation).
  • These data are statistically approximated, but we do not know if or how these data include information such as:
    • Passive candidates who are not looking for work (and therefore do not search for jobs) but still change jobs thanks to personal referrals or other reasons.
    • “Tip-toers”… people who are well-employed, but “google” around for jobs, but don’t jump at anything because the opportunity they currently have is sufficient than the opportunities they see.
    • Hidden jobs that are never posted openly because candidates are hired from within and/or hired through personal networks.

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