Posted on 24 November 2009

Job Hunting? Sleep Through Thursdays

I found a great post talking about the weekly drama that is job-hunting from Naomi Marr (web, twitter). In the post, Marr gives the run-down of a weekly jobseeker’s biorhythm and stops cold on Thursday–too far from Monday to be optimistic, and too far from Saturday to give up until the next week comes around:

    THURSDAY – it just bites. You realize – Holy crabgrass, Batman! – another week has escaped you. You’re still unemployed and while you’ve learned a whole bunch – that doesn’t pay the mortgage. The conversations you’ve been having all week haven’t materialized in any booked meetings for next week and you’re not sure how this is going to play out. Thursday is the day it becomes all too real. You’re frustrated, scared and sad.

So… how do you manage the “Thursdays” in your job search? Please comment, below!

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