Posted on 3 January 2008

What’s It Like Working for SOS Staffing…

I was asked a question from someone who found me on LinkedIn about what it’s like working for SOS Staffing, my parent company. Here’s most of my reply, as I thought it would be valuable. Note also, that this blog and all its content are solely my own opinions, and may at any time prove to be right or wrong.

Dear J:

Let me clarify some things:

I work for SOS Technical, a specialized division of SOS Staffing Services, inc. There are other divisions, including Skill Staff (hard-hat and skilled labor) and Devon and Devon (High-end Permanent Placement only).

I’ll take a poke at answering each question, below.

On Jan 2, 2008 10:20 AM, J wrote:

– From what I’ve found through talking with other recruiters, most of the recruiters time are spent on the phone following or creating leads, does SOS Staffing have a dedicated program for recruiters to follow or do recruiters have the ability to use their own skills to find the right people?

One of your other questions might help to answer this one, too. Each branch of the company has a branch manager, but they are not franchised. Yes, each branch has some autonomy, just as each District (group of branches) and Region (group of Districts). The home office of SOS Staffing (in SLC, Utah) determines certain key standards for operations that all branches must follow (all branches are audited no less than 1x/yr to ensure compliance), but the day-to-day style, business-mix, sales and operational processes do have a general amount of leeway.

Yes, all “recruiters” are tasked to use their skills–all of them–and be creative at finding the right people for the jobs you’re filling. We have some excellent tools, maybe not “industry best” but they work, and then your ingenuity is the most-important asset you can bring.

– What are the profiles of your client company, what companies do you work with to facilitate staffing?

It depends on the brand/division. 80% of SOS Staffing fills clerical or light-industrial “temp” or “temp to hire” jobs. Mainly packaging or assembly or office work/reception, etc.

However, 80% of what MY branch fills, for example, is long-term (contract or direct hire), high dollar IT/Engineering positions. Likewise, Devon and Devon focuses on financial and HR positions as well as executive placement.

– What attributes, skills, types of successful individuals work for SOS?

Creativity, ability to communicate “smart”–understanding your audience and using the best tools at your disposal. Critical thinking is important–able to discern even intricate non-verbal information from given conversations to fill client and employee needs, to fill orders, and to appropriately/legally represent the company. Finally, ambition is fairly well rewarded here, I think.

– How does SOS foster team work?

Compensation plans are based around individual plus team effort. Each branch and area, though, will of course work independently in some ways to work together. The most-successful branches in the company, have the most cohesive teams. That’s not a surprise.

– What type of growth opportunities are there with SOS?

The company has grown more than 10% for the last three years. There are always new opportunities.

– How do they help their employees, team members become better at their job? Do they provide training and if so, how often?

Several training programs are available from the home office. Alternate training is provided as needed. I have not been part of a company more interested in personal development. However, that may be thanks to my Regional management, not just the company.

– How well does leadership and members of the team accept feedback?

Well, I think. They do not always change things, but I have never been “shut down” from providing feedback, and I do… a lot.

– What do you enjoy most/least about your company?

I enjoy the flexibility to do my job and the tools they provide.

– What are some challenges you experience with your line of work?

I am in a growing branch less than 3 years old. There is a lot of work still to be done to get this branch where it should be.

– I noticed that there are SOS Staffing agencies nationwide and within each geographic region. Are each of branches operated and managed independently? Meaning, are they similar to a franchised owned organization? If not, who “owns” SOS Staffing Services?

SOS Staffing’s home office is in SLC, Utah. See my answer question 1.

– From reading your website, it appears that most of the jobs available are labor intensive, temporary, basic clerical and administrative positions. Are there any opportunities for long term professional placements?

Yes, again, see above.

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