Posted on 12 July 2008

Utah Jobs Growing

Written by Robert Merrill

Topics: Know The Ropes, Life, Utah

Matthew Reinbold was kind enough to use a few of my comments in a recent piece on Utah Job Growth at

Here’s some of the takeaways:

“Unemployment is still below the generally-accepted measure for ‘full-employment’ of 4-5%,” Robert Merrill, Technical Account Manager for SOS Engineering and Technology, said. “This means that people who would otherwise choose not to work are taking jobs and staying employed.”

“Current travel prices have become a particularly poignant concern for job-hunters,” said Robert. “Many recent placements we have made resulted from people wanting to limit their commutes or ‘stay closer to home'”

“I would be cautious to believe that we have hit bottom,” concludes Robert, “but Utah seems to have an interesting connection with industries either benefiting or otherwise unaffected by national events (energy, transportation, natural resources, military). The combination of those things leads me to believe Utah will likely have an even-stronger opportunity to take-advantage of the new technologies and innovations our companies are already investing in.”

Note: Matthew Reinbold and I participate togetether in producing the Couchcast Internet Talk Radio Show

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