Posted on 31 March 2008

Upgrade to WordPress 2.5

Written by Robert Merrill

Topics: Personal

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If you’re reading this, my website here has been upgraded to the shiny, new WordPress version 2.5.  Everything looks really nice, so feel free to check it out.

But, as soon as I installed/upgraded it (on two different blogs I put it on) I got a bone-chilling 500 Internal Server Error message. No, I hadn’t backed this up, and yes that was stupid.

I freaked.

A quick googling told me that maybe my plugins were bad. I renamed my plugin directory in my FTP program, but that didn’t change the problem (so I changed it back).

Other things I found included the wp-cache plugin, having a custom database, and others.  Until I noticed someone mentioning a CORRUPT .HTACCESS file as the culprit.

I went into FTP, downloaded the file to my harddrive and deleted it off the server; refreshed, and *poof* all was back in action.

When everything was working again, I got up from the computer and walked around, wiping the now-cold sweat off my forehead.

Then I dug into the .htaccess file to find out what was wrong.  Apparently, my WordPress upgrade added content to the .htaccess file (which is normal) but instead of beginning its edits on a new line, it appended its edit to an EXISTING line, breaking the file.

So, if you’re upgrading WordPress to 2.5 and you get a 500 Internal Server Error, open your .htaccess file,  and Look for the phrase “#BEGIN WORDPRESS” (no quotes) somewhere in the middle of a line.  That should be on its own line.

If that doesn’t work, backup a copy of the file (or rename it on your server to something else) and reload your blog to see if that is where the problem is!

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