Posted on 15 April 2008

Three Things Jobseekers Need

Over and over again when I meet people seeking a job change, there’s three basic things everyone needs:

  • A Purpose – I am amazed at the number of people that don’t quite know what they want… they just want something different. Well, that’s a start, but won’t get you far.
  • A Resume that Works – There’s a key difference between a resume, and a resume that works… does it help you accomplish your Purpose (see above) or simply list where you’ve been and when you left?
  • Promoters – Its hard for anybody to tell their own story. Our society doesn’t believe self-promoters much. Who do you have cheering for you? This isn’t just references, but people who will make calls on your behalf (and your mom shouldn’t be one of them… Hi mom). Marketers hire celebrities and rock-stars to help them tell their stories… who can help you tell yours?

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  1. Sheri Bigelow Says:

    I think most people want two basic things at work… 1) to be included in work they are good at and 2) to be appreciated. Do you think that getting back to basics and identifying core skills could help people find their purpose? Think, “what am I really good at?” “How can I work on projects that I’m really good at and that make a difference for my company?”

    A resume that works… deserves a link to the best resume podcast episode I’ve ever listened to, and one you recommended to me last year: Your Resume Stinks!

  2. Robert Merrill Says:

    @Sheri Thanks for pointing out that podcast about a good resume. Yes, it is crucial to have a resume that works.

    Also, I like what you said about what people get out of their work… what makes them happy or satisfied. You’re right on-target with those basics.

    What are some probing questions to ask yourself when trying to get to core on your purpose?

    • Think of a time when you were supremely satisfied and all was great with the world… what were you doing? What had you recently accomplished? Why was that joyful to you?
    • Draw out the three or four things you really get passionate about–either excited about or really angry about if someone crosses the line–what is common about those things?
    • WHAT OTHER QUESTIONS should you ask yourself?

  3. robert Says:

    hi I was looking for a job iam 27 been working this type of job for a month but don’t like the crew iam with iam just standing around looking stupid but got everything down so anyways hope u can help with a job thanks robert

  4. Kiley Says:

    I agree with this post Rob. I would also add to the idea of needing a purpose that the purpose needs to be compelling–at least to some extent. Having a direction is good, having a direction you are passionate about is even better. I also think job seekers need confidence. Being in the job search can be discouraging. That is normal, but when it comes time to network or interview IMO job seekers need to put that discouragement away (or hide it if necessary).

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