Posted on 29 February 2008

Take A Flying Leap…

Written by Robert Merrill

Topics: /etc, Life, Personal

Well, it’s Leap-Day. The once-every four years event that has no real significance other than, when you’re the emporer, and you screw stuff up… you can fix it, well, any way you please.

As a sort of pseudo celebration of this, I am asking a question of you:

What ONE THING still haunts you because you didn’t do it, are about to do it, or you need to do it?

Please leave a comment, below.

If taking the time to actually leave a comment is a leap of faith for you, then, well, welcome to the Internet. We’re glad to have you. We have jackets.

[By the way, the reason I chose this book “The Leap — A Memoir of Love and Madness in the Internet Gold Rush” to use as a cover is both because I like the image, and because I worked for this guy — Tom Ashbrook — at in a romantic, renovated old church in Boston. HomePortfolio was a leap for me because I was leaving a big, old, stable company to go to a startup. interestingly, the move also became a ledge to leap from. I was laid off in early 2001, which started my quest to reinvent myself as a job-seeker… and through many twists and turns, to where I now am–in a totally different industry, and doing a totally different job.]

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