Posted on 7 November 2008

Social Networks Keep You In Touch & Relevant: Utah CEO Magazine

I was quoted, along with my friend Jason Alba, in Utah CEO Magazine’s november issue, an article called “Making Connections” by Kevin Canterra.  Here’s a snippet:

Network success

For business professionals looking for a better job or trying to advance in a current ne, “LinkedIn is the [social networking presence] you absolutely have to have,” says Jason Alba, the CEO and founder of, a Herriman-based company that provides Web resources for job seekers.

“If you are a professional who wants real value, [LinkedIn] allows you to, one, find people, and two, be found by people. If you don’t do anything else, you must have a profile,” says Alba, who wrote a book on the subject: I’m on LinkedIn–Now What???

“I get e-mails every day from people who use their [LinkedIn] connections to improve their situation,” he says.

It worked for Robert Merrill, a computer programmer [technical recruiter] who has been on LinkedIn for about six years. His connections have helped him land jobs and helped him find the resources to create his weekly Internet podcast, “Couchcast.”

Social networking “is a very lightweight way to stay in touch and stay relevant,” Merrill says. “I connect with people I have had meaningful interactions with, [and] that gives me the chance to connect with literally millions of other people.”

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