Posted on 24 February 2008

Shadows of Different Colors

Several times on Friday, I thought I should have stepped away from the computer and called it good. I was in what I call “clarity mode” in the sense that I had felt threatened by more than one conversation I had, and was ready to duel to the death with anybody who crossed the line.

You might have noticed.

But, come what may, I have determined that while my frustrations were hardly veiled, and my exasperations may have been over the top, there are times where conventional conversation is no longer adequate.

Oddly, something as simple as blogging about something immediately intensifies the permanence of a statement. Suddenly a passing feeling could be known to characterize a person. A snapshot in time may be determined later to underwrite or color whole broad strokes of their life.

But while I started blogging to share things I had learned, and I continue blogging to try and help myself define who I am, one very palpable realization I have come to is that if anything, I am all of these things. The coordination of efforts, the blending of colors, the kaleidescope of perceptions.

A few phrases that come to mind as I consider this:

  • Altakaluthia – The Mutual Entailment of the Virtues – This is the greek idea that no virtue exists on its own, but must be checked by others. “Justice without love you know is finally not justice” and the idea that things like Honesty, without Compassion becomes cruelty. In the Power of Full Engagement, Loehr & Schwartz say, “Confidence unmediated by humility becomes grandiosity, egomania, and even fanaticism.” and they reference how Jim Collins in Good to Great notes the best leaders he found in his studies exhibited the coordinated powers of “fierce resolve and humility”
  • Metisse – Shadows of Different Colors – I have absolutely no idea if I spelled this correctly, but I met a mexican family once who named their horse Metisse because, as they explained, her interestingly muted & multicolored coat reminded them of metisse, the shadows the moon puts on the ground through the trees. The shadows of different colors.

Maybe, my expressions of upset in this blog for various personal and professional reasons over the years will actually serve as anchor points to help you, the reader, but ultimately myself, to track better anchors along the way, the intersection of which should, logically, be who I really am.

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  1. Charlie Oliver Says:

    Great post, very enlightening!
    When blogging, its almost as if you have physically written it down and handed it in letter form to all those who visit the site.

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