Posted on 18 June 2008

LinkedIn Link-Love

Written by Robert Merrill

Topics: Networking

There’s a lot going on out there about LinkedIn, the check-your-personality-at-the-door social networking site for business-types.

Here’s a few key take-aways for you:

  • The New York Times today speaks about LinkedIn‘s recent influx of capital, and the benefits the site has in being a decidedly-stuffy site for networking among professionals:

    “LinkedIn gives professionals, even the most hopeless wallflower, a painless way to follow the advice of every career counselor: build a network.”

  • Author and Speaker Lindsey Pollak noted not only the article above in her blog post this morning, Why you should use LinkedIn (if you aren’t already), but also jotted several notes down she received from a PR manager at LinkedIn on how you can use LinkedIn more effectively:
    1. Study people you admire.
    2. Tailor your profile to look similar to the people whose careers you want.
    3. Research people you are scheduled to meet.
    4. Ask for… and Give advice.
    5. If you want to increase your Google-ability, set your profile as public and choose a vanity URL

    She also points people to more information about using Linked in smartly here, here and here.

  • Finally, Kiley Newbold pointed me to a court-ruling in England where  the High Court orders an ex-employee to hand over LinkedIn contacts apparently used to compete with his former company.  Nevermind the random and really-trying-hard-to-include-relevant-news image of Obama in the article, the point is that companies are trying to clamp down on the rolodex of their past-employees… is  that fair? What do you think?

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