Posted on 10 January 2008

Law of Attraction

Betty Mann reposted the following ad she found from The Long Tail blog post “For those of you who didn’t get Rock Band this Christmas” which requires linking both to TheLastMinute and AdGoodness.

It’s a pretty funny ad, but you instantly… I mean INSTANTLY get what it’s saying… while you’re laughing about it.

  • We (the radio station) are the benevolent guardians of good rock-n-roll.
  • We share it freely with all those who tune in.
  • Listen to us. We rock.
  • If you do, you will rock, too.

Free Air Guitar Ad

(The guy walking by here MAKES this image work)

What does this have to do with RECRUITING and RETENTION?

Well, its my blog, so it doesn’t have to mean anything other than I like it. But, I did take the time to post it here to maybe cause you to think of a few things about your company culture:

  • What is UNIQUE about you?
  • What cool/oddball/funny things do people do with your product, brand or product?
  • What do you STAND for?
  • It’s likely that there are people out there that would LOVE to be a part of that. Use it to attract them to you:
    • Comcast gives free HD, Internet and Phone to their employees. Duh.
    • I was the man my senior year in HS because I worked at a movie theater and I could get all my pals in for free.
      • (Full disclosure: I was still a geek, but I felt like the man)

Why not lighten up and have a little FUN with what you do for people? Then, maybe your top talent will stick around a little longer and burn-out a little less often.

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