Posted on 2 January 2008

Laid Off and Blogging About It

I’ve spoken about Robert Florida’s awesome book, “Rise of the Creative Class” before. In essence, the take-away for me is that companies do a great job of making widgets that are cheap and efficient, but companies do a horrible job of taking care of people.

One thing sure to accelerate the flight of talented people away from the uncaring companies of the past is the fact that the faceless masses, once relegated to statistics in headlines and gone-and-forgotten notes in dusty employee files, is that those who are laid off have a real, powerful, and persistent voice against the companies who let them go.

For example, I hope the phrase WaMu Careers gets linked often to this blog post, not the WaMu jobs site, so that people get a more open and real view of what’s happening. (src)

I’m sure marketing and HR veeps will cringe when they think that their once-valued, but now unemployed, employees may actually have something to say back… and that Google might return their results higher than their own press-releases when being researched by future candidates.

Its all part of leveling the playing field, which I absolutely love.

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