Posted on 27 February 2008

Interview Rules for Designers

Since I’m currently recruiting for a Web UI & Graphic Designer, the following caught my eye and I thought to share.

Jessica Petersen, Senior UI Designer at local tech company Omniture, posted the following to the local Utah Graphic Arts Foundation email list, which I think is a great set of rules for interviewing if you’re a graphic designer or otherwise vying for a creative position. With her permission, I share what she asked of the group. Your feedback is appreciated!

I have interviewed candidates for design positions within my organization for quite some time. It is my opinion that every good designer should always follow these rules when interviewing:

1. Always send samples of your work when applying for a position. Your design is what sells you!
2. Prepare yourself. Be ready to think on your feet.
3. Bring a copy of your resume.
4. Bring your portfolio – preferably in print format. (Yes, even web material. Don’t assume your interviewer will have a computer on hand.)
5. Consider bringing a giveaway so that the interviewer will remember you. (Business card, CD, etc.)
6. Always send a thank you email/note after the interview.

I have performed numerous interviews outside of Utah, in which all of these items are quite standard. So, I was shocked to say the least, when candidates did not come prepared.

Has anyone else had this experience? What are your thoughts on interviewing for a position? Do schools in this area prepare students for interviewing for a design position?

Thoughts? Comments? Please leave them!

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