Posted on 11 January 2008

Does Your Boss Know What You Do?

Tiffany Monhollon’s question — Does your boss know what you do? — was provocative enough to take a read. Her experience with managers that have enough on their plate that they don’t know everything about your day-to-day processes is normal and expected, if you’re doing your job.

A popular management axiom is that an employee who needs to be managed is the wrong employee.

Of course, the flip-side may also be true that the boss who feels compelled to manage you works for a company you should soon leave…

All that aside, there’s four key benefits Monhollon lists for managing up and helping your boss know really what you’re all about:

  • Less work
  • More work (I might say more challenging work, or better work)
  • Star status
  • A raise or promotion

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