Posted on 25 January 2008

Advice for Wannabe Recruiters

A colleague new to my company sent me a nice note asking about what words of wisdom I might have. I don’t know about that, but if you’re starting out or considering recruiting, here’s my advice:

Start with Heart:

Yeah, this sounds so Pollyanna, but think about how much a career means to a person. Their definition of themselves, their relationships with others, and their self-esteem, largely are a function of how they feel about their job. If you don’t LOVE the chance you have every day to change someone’s WHOLE LIFE, you either need to change your focus, or change jobs.

Don’t be in recruiting if you don’t love it. You will permanently hurt yourself and others along the way.

Fake it Till You Make it:

There’s no room “on stage” for tears or fear. Smile. Take responsibility. Arrive first, leave last. Say thank you. Work out often. Volunteer in your offtime for spiritual and emotional renewal. Read books or listen to audiobooks on personal development. Spend ZERO energy on problems out of your control (like anything on the news). Define your own future and make it happen.

“The Bigger the Problem, the Bigger the Check” (Mark Hughes).

The trials we face daily are the makings of the opportunities we’ll be grateful for tomorrow.

Good Luck! Be true, work hard, and you’ll be fine. 

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