Posted on 26 July 2007

Who is Serving Who?

Written by Robert Merrill

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The TwelveHorses blog has a way cool video touting more genuine advertising and the disconnect between traditional methods and the consumer’s current appetites.

For me, I am constantly amazed at how employees at companies I “hire” to provide services to me (uh, that means I spend money there) constantly like giving me “advice” on how to make THEIR jobs easier, not improve my experience there.


The last time I was at Chase Bank, I asked the teller if I could present them my Visa Check Card for identification of my account information rather than verbally announcing my Social Security Number to the entire lobby of people.

Another teller overheard the conversation and leaned over the small partition between her booth and the one I was standing at and informed me that it would be even faster for me if I would just memorize my own account number (that they assigned me), and fill-out my own deposit slips before walking up to the teller (causing him or her to (ugh) manually locate my account number and then fill-out a deposit slip on my behalf).

As she resumed her tedious money-counting duties, I noted her smug “I told him so” smile, and mentally chalked another one up to my ever-mounting pile of proof that Chase Bank doesn’t give a decimal point about me, my life, or the millions of dollars of interest-generating deposits I will make over my lifetime.

(P.S. Wells Fargo, Key Bank, Fifth-Third Bank, Fleet Bank and Bank One have *all* been just as careless if not more…)

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  1. Laura Moncur Says:

    Choose your battles. Fill out your own deposit slip and you won’t have to spend as much time talking to morons at Chase Bank.

  2. Robert Merrill Says:

    Lol. OH, NO. I will let them fill it out and SMILE politely.

    I have even begun CASHING great big checks in small bills and then “forgetting” how much I am trying to deposit so they get to count it (they don’t have a machine to count it for them).

    Depositing CASH is the only way to get my money in a reasonable amount of time because they will otherwise HOLD the money forever because they need to “verify funds”… or earn interest off my money when I can’t do anything about it. One of the two, I forget.

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