Posted on 11 October 2007

Utah Unemployment Death-Grip Loosening?

Wow, what an amazing year this has been. The very tight unemployment rate seems to finally be seeing a little light with some well-known Utah companies laying off employees, other movement of employees from company to company still strong, and the relative salaries being paid seeming to stabilize instead of the spiraling out-of-control, even excessive salary jumps that I’ve witnessed this summer.

Of course, one never wants to look a gift-horse in the mouth… and while I’ve enjoyed the incredible economy, and I don’t really want to see things loosen up a bit, I have also been affected in that I’ve been unfortunately less successful in recruiting for some would-be pleased clients, if the economy had just a few more qualified people available to recruit. Here’s to hoping we don’t slide too far down this slippery slope!

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