Posted on 29 December 2007

Top 5 Ways Smart People Use Twitter

Sharon Sarmiento at 901am put together a great piece on the five cool ways smart people are using Twitter. Its good to see a small list of how peopele are leveraging Twitter, the hyper-short (140 character) micro-communication platform, can do (and avoiding what it doesn’t do).

Its great that Sarmiento starts out with the obligatory at first I didn’t get it statement when writting about twitter, but then seems to come around. For me, I don’t know that I’m smart, but I do use twitter some of these ways… at least some of the time. The rest of the time, I am “[broadcasting] every random thought that [crosses my brain]“.

Here’s the short story, but you should hit the site for the full-meal deal:

  1. Marketing & Communication.
  2. Microblogging.
  3. Business Networking.
  4. Breaking News and Getting Scoops.
  5. Streamlining Your Electronic Inboxes.

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