Posted on 24 October 2007

Top 10 Job Posting Tips

Written by Robert Merrill

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I had training from Career Builder’s job-posting gurus today and they shared a few posting tips with me:

  1. Add Keywords — This means the job title and all other relevant information should be clearly listed, repeated, using various forms of words, alternate versions of the same words, etc.
    For example: Administrative = Admin, Clerical, Filing… etc.
  2. Use Familiar Job-Titles — Gimmicky titles don’t work. Be clear in your title, not cute.
  3. Add Acronyms in the job title as well. — This means, don’t just say “Certified Public Accountant”, but say “Certified Public Accountant / CPA”) so that searches for “CPA” come up, too.
  4. Give job details — Candidates won’t apply to jobs that are too vague. Talk about benefits, give reasons the job is good, outline key details such as long-term/part-time, etc.
  5. Expand Your Location — Post in areas around you as well, to pull in close by locations and people that would likely relocate from.
  6. Add Structure for Readability — Use bold, headlines, other formatting to make the job details easy-to-read, and easy for people to get what they need.
  7. Add Compensation — 27% drop-off in candidates that do not apply when salary information is not there. You can add on something to help candidates understand the range of salary, even with a disclaimer that the salary is based on experience, etc.
  8. Show off your brand
  9. Link to multiple industries
  10. Check for Typos

What has or has not worked for you?

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