Posted on 8 July 2007

Say ‘Hell, No’ to iProvo

Written by Robert Merrill

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“No matter how cheery your customer service and sales associates are, when you don’t deliver basic services, you’re doomed to failure.”

Say “Hell No to iProvo?
Working with iProvo was great until they actually needed to deliver on something promised.

Yes, this is a rant, and I am hopping mad. If you are a blogger, your linkback is appreciated to help me voice my opinion to this otherwise deaf city utility. Please link back with the text iProvo.

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I am blogging this because iProvo has failed to complete the installation of my service, which was started on June 18th. AND, my repeated calls and scheduling appointments has generated cheerful customer service agents with great big promise, but absolutely no action that I know of.

  • Tomorrow, Monday July 9th, that will be 14 business days after they began the installation, which the installer promised he would complete within 24 hours.
  • On July 2nd, I had an appointment with iProvo to come out and complete the project. They never showed.
  • Everytime I call I get very empathetic, gracious customer service people who apologize for my inconvenience, can understand why I would be upset, promise to do “everything in [their] power” to get this resolved”
    …and then nothing happens.

You’ve got to be kidding me.


It’s not only an eyesore, but it’s just begging to be cut by a lawn mower, or to cause a severe accident to someone walking or running through the yard.

For the last two years, I have been watching the city of Provo tout its amazing new fiber-optic network (that I paid for as a law-abiding, tax-paying citizen). I was overjoyed to hear that the construction project was completed, and the cheery salespeople on my front porch coaxed and coddled me away from my other high-speed internet provider.

For a year, I laid off the trigger… leery of reports of bad service, bad business, latent connectivity, and generally poor installation services. Even the city realizes the kinks are a problem:

“I know many have said they are waiting to sign up until the kinks are out. I’m hoping that is the next big wave of subscribers, those people who have said they want to support the community network but have waited because of the stories that are out there.? iProvo director Kevin Garlick said.


Finally, a month ago I signed the EIGHTEEN MONTH CONTRACT with Nuvont Communications. I crossed my fingers and promised my wife it would be worth it. Sure, the Internet is fast, but for this customer I am looking to cancel my contract due to their failure to provide service unless the cable is underground in the next 48 hours.

Is ANYBODY at iProvo interested in actually DOING what they SAY they will DO?

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  1. Adam Fairbanks (Tidy Internet) Says:

    iProvo reminds me of one of my favorite sayings:

    “All you have to do to be successful in business is to not suck.”

  2. rand Says:

    There is a reason we have a thing called the private sector. When you have competition, people generally act. When they don’t they go out of business. Letting government get involved in business matters only means that they can make up for any lost customers with tax revenue. The only bad thing about a slow and painful death for iProvo is that it is the residents of Provo who will be picking up the medical bills.

  3. Robert Merrill Says:

    UPDATE: Our fiber optic cable was actually buried (!!) on July 12th. Just less than one month after installation was promised to be completed.

  4. shanna Says:

    Iprovo sux, i have had them for a year and a half now and i can’t count how many times i have had no phone..the internet seems to be ok but even it lags. yes i have the high speed internet..just wanted to say iprovo sux, and comcast has offered me a better deal! take your service and shove it mstar/iprovo, even quest has better service and i thought they suxed.

  5. Brad Says:

    Shanna you’re a f***ing dumb***.

  6. bignad Says:

    iprovo sucks after they ran cat 5 thru my house poorley my phone wouldnt work anymore i had the service for 3 months and they never got it taken care of so i went back to comcast and now they want money from me i told them they didnt give me the product they told me so im not paying for crap

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