Posted on 23 May 2007

Oops. We don’t know you as well as we wish we did


Part of me wants to laugh, another wants to cry. Google’s recruiting department is in the middle of a bloggosphere mud-slinging fest thanks to some less-than particular attention they paid to Amazon’s Web Services Evangelist, Jeff Barr.

Today, he notes how the company seeking to organize the worlds information is actually a little disorganized in their approach to recruiting the web services equivalent of what Bon Jovi was to the leather pants and hairspray industries in the 80s.

…Funny thing is, [after turning down an offer from Google last year] I now have several more emails in my inbox from other Google recruiters. After reading these emails it appears that they dont know that I interviewed there last year! Perhaps they dont have this data in searchable form. Could that be?

Search-engine jabs aside, I am sure the recruiters at Google are pretty busy, have a lot of reqs to fill, and someone (well, a few of them) just let their email’s BCC field run amok all over their candidate pool.

Either way, this kind of blunder could be oh-so-easily avoided, and–of course–since such things are such perfect blog-topics, here it is, in all it’s publicly humiliating and google indexable glory… And the comments are just s good. Phil Windley and Robert Scoble and many others have already donated to the tip-jar on this one.

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