Posted on 19 June 2007

My First iMix: Summertime Mix July 2007

  Summertime Mix July 2007 Playlist Notes: I don’t think you can find a set of songs so perfect for top-down cruisin’Well, iTunes version 6 or greater lets you click a playlist in your iTunes program and submit an iMix of the songs in there to be contained in the iTunes store.

Here’s my first compilation. Right now, get within earshot of me and one of the following songs is playing!

Click to see this iMix in the iTunes store

Bubbly   Colbie Caillat
Points of Authority   Linkin Park
The Reason   Hoobastank
Upside Down   Jack Johnson
Small Town   John Mellencamp
Remind Me (Radio Edit)   Royksopp
Galvanize   The Chemical Brothers
American Woman   Lenny Kravitz
Ooh La La   Goldfrapp
What Heaven Sees In You   Mindy Gledhill
Remember the Promise   Brett Raymond
Live Like You Believe   Jenny Phillips
God Don’t Give Up On Us   Becky Garrett

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