Posted on 18 May 2007

If Colleges Blog To Recruit, Why Don’t You?

Written by Robert Merrill

Topics: Better Recruiting

I don’t think Steven Rothburg is bitter:

Virtually all employment-related blogging is coming out of the offices of job boards and third party recruiters. With very few exceptions, virtually no corporate recruiters are blogging. That’s a real shame as those same corporations are crying the blues about how hard it is to recruit the best Gen Y workers yet their recruitment and retention policies are decades old and reflect the needs and wants of their Baby Boomer and Gen X managers rather than the Gen Y’ers they want to recruit.

Wake up, folks. If you want to recruit a group of people, you need to speak to their needs and wants and that might mean getting out of your comfort zone and taking some chances.

From: Colleges Using Blogs. Why Not Employers?, Emphasis added

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