Posted on 22 July 2007

Help Me Promote Utah Tech Events

UPDATE 8/14/2007 — This has all mostly changed.

There’s a booming meetup community in Utah — user-groups, techies, geeks, entrepreneurs, bloggers and all sorts of other types of people getting together to talk shop, talk dirt, or just talk.

But getting a clear picture of who is meeting… and when… is pretty hard.

So, to try and help, I have created a group on Eventful called “Utah Geek Meets I found that there’s a Google Calendar called “Utah Tech Events” being managed (in true open-source style) by several people around the valley including Matt and Jordy, and it attempts to simply be a one-stop repository for the kind of things a geek in Utah would like to attend. I’m also now an admin for the calendar, too.

This group is technology agnostic, so a “Helping Your Dog Podcast” meetup would have the same weight as a “Business Case for PASCAL” group.

This isn’t my thing… I amit is, so-called, open-sourced it to the whole Utah Tech Community… so you gotta contribute if it’s going to live.

Let’s get meeting, people!

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