Posted on 2 November 2007

Great Meetup; Good Times

Written by Robert Merrill

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At Iggy’s Sports Bar, many people got together to talk and hang out before going to see Guy Kawasaki speak at SLCC (courtesy of Doba, the UTC, Connect and others)

November Geek Lunch

This event might also be considered a “tweetup” as almost everyone there is on twitter and follows each other. In this photo (above), Carolyn Duncan and Jesse Stay are in the foreground, with Jason Alba almost unseen behind Carolyn, and Mike and Laura Moncur to Jason’s right (both in red). Thom Allen is left of Jesse. Also in the photo are Matt Reinbold, Ash Buckles, Janet Meiners, Brad Baldwin, Marina Martin and others

November Geek Lunch

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  1. Laura Moncur Says:

    Thanks for the link, Robert!

    There are more photos of the event here:

  2. Jason Alba Says:

    “Jason Alba almost unseen” … dude, that’s how it always is, how come you always hide me in your pics? :p :p

  3. Carolynn Says:

    Thanks for the link love, Rob. Great to see all of you guys last week!

    Jason, I could answer your question, but… nah. 😉

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