Posted on 29 May 2007

Four Ways to Spoil A Relationship

I am a little steamed about this, so be forewarned 😉

There’s no question that our candidates are dealing with multiple offers from multiple companies. With unemployment this low, they’re smart to try and play their cards, deal their hands, and get the best offer at the best price.

Ok, no problem…

But there are several ways to go about this absolutely wrong, many of which have been occuring regularly enough to percolate the need for a rapid-response blog post… even if it’s just to throw my bottled up frustrations out to float on the waves of the blogospehere…

So, here you have it: Four No-Fail, Fool-proof Ways to Frustrate and Foil Future Favorable, Employment. (Alliteration added today only at no-fee).

  1. DON’T TELL your potential employer that you ARE actively seeking and entertaining other offers. Keeping secrets is always the best way to foil relationships.
  2. ACCEPT THEIR OFFER–even SIGN the offer letter… and fill out your new employer’s paperwork, knowing you are still playing the field (see #1). Maintain that the position is still what you want whenever you’re in communication with this new employer.
  3. Ask for an EXTENSION on your two-week’s notice as it draws to a close, citing that the employer you’re leaving needs more help than they expected. Note that you still have not revealed that you’re crossing your fingers every day to get the call you’ve been waiting for.
  4. RESIGN from the position you accepted, by email (not a phone call) without any warning, on the day you were supposed to start, after your expected start-time has already passed, citing that another offer “came along” and that you simply could not pass it up.

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  1. Robert Merrill Says:

    Oh, I forgot to add that you need to start your new position (see #4) immediately, even though just a few weeks ago, your old employer needed you so badly, you needed to give them the courtesy of an extra-long notice period.

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