Posted on 5 September 2007

Facebook Opens Doors – Privacy Concern?

Written by Robert Merrill

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We’ll see how this shakes out.

Jesse Stay pointed me (via twitter) to Om Malik’s report of Facebook opening itself to publicly-available people searches.

Tonight, Facebook launches a “public listing search? which allows anyone to search for a specific person. The company says that the information being revealed through these listings is minimal and much less than the information available to someone logged into the Facebook network.

A public search listing provides, at most, the name and profile picture of any Facebook member that has their search privacy settings set to “Everyone.? It will show less information about a person than results of a search performed by someone logged in to Facebook. We wanted to give people who had never come to Facebook, or who are not currently registered, the opportunity to discover their friends who are on Facebook.


In a month from now, these public listings are going to be find their way into search engine indexes. “We are giving users approximately one month to set their privacy options before we allow search engines to index these public search listings,? the company spokeswoman wrote in an email.

What’s important to me is that Facebook users clearly KNOW and UNDERSTAND what may be happening to their personal content.

Facebook has already had some privacy issues:

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