Posted on 7 August 2007

EVENT: Speaking on Mid-Career Development at PLUG Wed. 8-7

Provo Linux User's Group

Wednesday this week, I am speaking on Mid-Career Development at the Provo Linux User’s Group, which meets at United Online in Orem (directions, etc).

Date: Wednesday Aug 8, 2007
Time: 7:30 PM
Location: United Online

This month we have a unique guest presenter coming to PLUG. Robert Merrill from SOS Technical is coming to address the group. Robert is the Technical Account Manager for Utah county. He will be discussing mid-career development, including:

  • What are recruiters good for?
  • Why are recruiters HATED? (Open source-style feedback loop).
  • Careering.
  • How to be irreplaceable (protect yourself against layoffs).

Robert has a background as a programmer and web developer. Like many of us he was caught in the dot-com burst. Frustrated with recruiters that undervalued his position and never got him a job, Robert set out to tackle the way business was done. Come take advantage of this unique opportunity that may significantly change your career. Bring your suggestions regarding Open Source and technical recruiting in our area. Come learn the secrets of salary negotiation and more. See you there!!

6:30pm – Meeting details were not returned in time, but if you’re a monger you instinctively know where to be and when. If not, just follow the camel.

I am looking forward to the chance to talk about the frustrations I’ve had on the candidate’s side of the recruiter’s desk, and how I would do it all differently today, if I could.

I am also enjoying the feedback I am getting on Why Geeks Hate Recruiters (which is still open for comments, please!)

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