Posted on 27 June 2007

Dear Best Buy: Past Performance != Future Performance

Written by Robert Merrill

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I walked into the Salt Lake City Best Buy today at 5000-ish South State Street in SLC, hopeful. I am looking for the needed stuff to hook up my iPod to my VW Passat’s factory stereo. I am expecting to spend about $500 on these adapters and wires and stuff, when I can finally find them.

I was there literally 30 minutes self-educating myself about the available products since nobody talked to me.

The only two people who spoke to me were the person greeting me when I walked in (very nice, thank you) and the person who said, “thanks for coming” as I walked out… ominously scanning my hands & pockets for any potential thievery.

Could I have done more? Maybe:

  • I worried that I looked “too smart” in my business attire, so I stood blankly by the “car audio” desk where two Best Buy associates talked and joked with eachother about some interesting conversations overheard about two other employees.
  • I worried that maybe Best Buy doesn’t do a good job at selling products, so maybe their employees didn’t know HOW to sell, and avoided me because of fear… until I overheard two employees giving each other high-fives because “yesterday [they] were the number three store in the district! Woo-hoo!
  • I could have dropped to my knees and begged for someone to help me… but I didn’t want to scuff their newly polished floor.

Who can explain what happened here. I surely can not. As a fan of Best Buy, I am stunned at the cold reception. No matter. I walked out, nodded to the “thank you” person at the door, and patted my wallet, knowing that my $500.00 was safe… yet to be used for another day.

They were third in sales yesterday… I wonder what their rankings will be for today??

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