Posted on 12 September 2007

Come one, Come all to Facebook… except you… and you… and…

Written by Robert Merrill

Topics: Tools & Resources

“No Facebook for You? Recruiter Harry Joiner was BANNED from Facebook for adding his contactsYeah, I know this is old news, but when Facebook puts up a tool asking you to import your Gmail contacts, and then BANS YOU for doing exactly that… something’s gotta be said.

Harry Joiner, the Marketing Headhunter, was banned for doing just what Facebook said. Maybe it’s because he’s a “recruiter” (boo, hiss) and not a super geek rock-star like Scoble (who could kill your startup’s reputaiton if you banned him).

“I didn’t mean to break the rules. Indeed, if FB had been the least bit explicit as to what their rules are, I would have obeyed — and paid.”

LinkedIn slapped me in the face recently, too, when I used a similar tool… asking my own Gmail contacts to join my in happy linky-networky-love.

At the end of the day, sure NOBODY LIKES A SPAMMER, but Social Networks are tricky things. You (facebook, LinkedIn, mySpace, etc, etc) can’t run around like an axe-murderer and lop nodes off the network willy-nilly without probably cause and a little due dilligence… and you sure as hell can’t do it PERMANENTLY–unless you are god-like, at which point, you are omnipotent and already know who my friends are, so I would expect them to already BE in my network when I login the first time.

But, apparently, humans actually have the tendency to make mistakes… especially when it comes to relationships.

If you think I am upset about this, I’m not nearly as angry as The Recruiting Animal is (listen to the first 5 minutes… unless you want to listen to Jibber Jobber too).

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