Posted on 10 September 2007

Calendar: Guy Kawasaki Speaking in Utah November 1st, 2007

Guy KawasakiI noticed in my Connect email this morning that Guy Kawasaki will be speaking in Utah (brief autobiography) on November 1st, 2007 (). He will be speaking on business, and it’s expected that he reveal everything unknown in the known universe… or, at lease a few cool things about How to Innovate and Change the World, for sure.

From the Connect Press Release:

Best-selling author and business visionary Guy Kawasaki will speak to Utah executives on November 1 at an event presented by Doba and co-sponsored by Connect magazine and the Utah Technology Council (UTC) at the Health Science Center at Salt Lake Community College’s Jordan Campus, 3491 West, 9000 South. Guy Kawasaki serves on the Advisory Board of Doba, the leader in online product sourcing solutions for small to medium-size retailers, and, in that capacity, has agreed to make a presentation in Utah. In this session from 3:00-5:00 p.m., Kawasaki will discuss “How to Innovate and Change the World.”


Kawasaki’s speech, “How to Innovate and Change the World,” is based, in part, on his best-selling book Rules for Revolutionaries and is aimed at inspiring and informing individuals who work at innovative companies. During his presentation, Kawasaki will lay out the strategic steps necessary to create new products and services and will answer questions from the audience afterward. To register, visit


Guy Kawasaki is widely regarded in Silicon Valley and beyond as a leading business start-up thought leader. He is the managing director of Garage Technology Ventures; the author of eight books, including The Art of the Start and Rules for Revolutionaries; a columnist for Entrepreneur Magazine; and the co-founder of


“Bringing Guy Kawasaki to Salt Lake City is a real win for the many thriving businesses and start-ups that call Utah home,” says Doba co-founder and CEO, Jeremy Hanks. “Working with Guy as a member of our Advisory Board has been an enlightening experience. His experience and insights are helping our company advance on so many fronts that we felt it would be a disservice to all of us if we didn’t ask Guy to address the entire business community in Utah.”


Books and Stuff:

Rules for RevolutionariesHow to Drive Your Competition Crazy

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  1. daniel34 Says:

    Did anyone see this? A really funny picture poll about Guy Kawasaki, on pollsb (click my name for the link).

  2. Robert Merrill Says:

    Uh oh.

    I got a phone call last night from Doba’s phone number. I didn’t take the call, and they didn’t leave a message. That was interesting…

    But, worse, this morning I started to hear from people that they were getting pitched by email and by phone on Doba’s products.

    Even worse, it seemed they had the greenest of the green doing the pitching, leaving both Ash Buckles and the poor sod calling him both scratching their head at the awkward conversation.

    I’ve Direct Messaged Guy Kawasaki via Twitter, and emailed the contact-person at Doba who I was told to contact If I had any further questions. The next step is to get in touch with Jeremy Hanks to be sure he knows what’s going on.

    Look, I don’t mind that Doba wants to introduce me to their stuff. I *like* Doba. However:
    – They DIDN’T disclose that they were going to use my personal information for marketing when I signed up
    – They didn’t give me a chance to OPT-OUT of contact either
    – From ASH’s example, they didn’t even know WHY he had registered. Someone just had his name on a list or autodialer and just called him.

    There’s nothing wrong with marketing, but you lose TRUST when you don’t tell your market what you’re doing or what your agenda is.

    Come on, DOBA… tell us what’s up! That’s all we ask!

  3. Robert Merrill Says:

    Ash Buckles and others noted that Doba had been calling people who registered for the Guy event.

    I emailed Doba and received the following reply:


    Thank you for letting me know. We do have a call floor that welcomes new users to our service, however they should not be calling anyone registering for the Guy Kawasaki speaking event. Our engineers are working to solve this problem by the end of the day. Please inform anyone else that contacts you regarding this.

    Again, I apologize and hope to see you at the event in November!


    Meagen [snip]
    Executive Assistant

    Good news!

  4. Thom Allen Says:

    Thanks for taking this further than I did. When I took the call this morning, I told the guy that I’m not sure why he was calling me. Anyway, in the end the guy said “all you have to do is tell me your not interested.” So I said, not interested.

  5. Jeremy Hanks Says:

    Meagen’s information was spot on. I posted a comment over at as well. It was an oversight by our team. This event is for the good of Utah, and we’re able to facilitate that and happy to do it. It was never meant to promote our services–not our target demographic anyway. 😉

    We’ve got it cleared up now, and we’re looking forward to facilitating this event so that everyone can learn a lot from Guy.

    CEO, Doba

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